High Wall AC Vs. Concealed AC

The air conditioner consists of two units (outdoor unit – indoor unit)

The external unit: In the High Wall and the Concealed Systems, there is little difference

Indoor Unit:

As for the high wall device, it is installed on the wall and is visible, in turn, drawing hot air from the place to be adapted and passing it on the cooling coils inside the van, then pushing the cold air again to the place to be adapted in a closed circle until it reaches the required temperature.

Concerning the council, the indoor unit is inside the falling ceiling and is not visible, and its role is by drawing hot air from the place and passing it on the cooling coils in the van, and the cold air passes in ducts from the air until reaching the grills, and the cold air is released again.


High Wall Features:


  1. Easy to disassemble, install and transport.
  2. High efficiency because no air is lost from the air conditioner.
  3. The possibility of purchasing after finishing.

Does this mean that the high street is better than the concealed device? This is not true, because each type has its advantages.


The Concealed Ac Features:

  1. It is better to distribute air to the place.
  2. Higher in capabilities.
  3. The best in terms of decorative shape.
  4. Conditioning more than one point at the same time.
  5. Higher efficiency in case of good design.

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