Domestic Hot Water

Reduce Capital and Operating Costs

Experience the convenience of instant hot water from the moment you turn on the tap.

For those with apartments or villas featuring multiple bathrooms and kitchens, traditional solutions required individual water heaters for each space. Modern advancements offer a superior alternative: Central Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems. These systems are not only more cost-effective in terms of initial investment but also save on long-term operational expenses.

What Are Central Domestic Hot Water Systems?

Central DHW systems consist of a central boiler, compact in size (approximately 60 cm in diameter and 100 to 150 cm in height), that delivers hot water throughout the entire building via connected pipes. 

Common Concern: If the boiler is far from a bathroom, will it take long for hot water to arrive? 

Solution: Our innovative design includes a return hot line pipe, ensuring you receive hot water almost instantly upon turning on the tap, typically within 10 seconds.

System Components:

  1. Boiler or Storage Hot Water Tank: The primary source of heating. 
  2. Circulation Pump: Ensures immediate hot water delivery by circulating hot water through the pipes. 
  3. Control Panel: Manages the operation of the circulation pump, optimizing energy use and reducing gas costs.

Benefits of Central Domestic Hot Water Systems:

  1. Cost Efficiency: Lower capital and running costs compared to individual water heaters. 
  2. Space-Saving: Frees up space in bathrooms and kitchens. 
  3. Immediate Hot Water: Enjoy hot water instantly when you open the tap. 
  4. Enhanced Safety: Reliable and safe operation.

Types of Central Domestic Hot Water Products:

1. Storage Gas Boiler:

  • Features a built-in burner connected to a gas source. 
  • No need for an additional heat source. 
  • Available in multiple brands such as Rheem, Ariston, and American Water Heater.

2.Storage Heat Exchanger:

  • Contains a tank with an internal coil serving as the heat source.
  • Requires an external heat source like a wall-mounted gas boiler, electric heater, or solar collector.

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