Underfloor Heating System

feel warmth from the floor

Underfloor  heating (UFH) is the most effective elegant and luxury heating system. It’s an effective method to heat your apartment by using high quality pex-al-pex pipes with guarantee 25 years.

you will feel warmth from the floor, so walking bar foot is enjoyable. your children will enjoy playing on the floor at the very low temperature winter.

How does UFH work ?

a compact central boiler delivers a 45°C hot water to pipes underfloor, the floor will be warmed then the room air will be warmed. 

The main component of underfloor heating system

  1. Boiler 
  2. piping network
  3. Underfloor loops

[ Schematic Diagrams shows underfloor heating]

Explore underfloor heating systems

In this video, you can know how is underfloor heating systems works.

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