Pool boiler system

Enjoy using your pool in winter and keep your life cozy!

Don’t let your Pool a decorative piece in winter. You can convert it to a heated pool so you can use it without any worries about your health

What Is central domestic hot water systems?

The system consists of a central boiler which is not a huge one it’s just only 60 cm in diameter and the height differs from one capacity to another.

This boiler delivers hot water to all the buildings so the hot water pipes for all bathrooms and kitchens are connected to a central pipe.

One of the most common questions is if the boiler is located far away from a bathroom will I wait a long time for the hot water to reach my bathroom?!.

and the answer is of course no, because we design a return hot line pipe in an engineering way that guarantees that you will have the hot water when you open the tap almost immediately ( you may wait for 10 seconds). 

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